I am a professional sound engineer with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

I hold two Professional Diploma (Sound Engineer, Sound and Midi Programmer) from a 2-years professional course at Saint Louis College of Music (Rome, 2004) where I learnt the basics of Acoustics, Audio Engineering and Sound Programming. Immediately after I begun working in different recording studios as an intern, initially, and eventually as a studio assistant.

I hold a first-class Bachelor’s degree (BA) in History, Science and Techniques of Music from the University of Tor Vergata (Rome, 2012; Electronic Music dissertation on “Christian Fennesz and the ‘Glitch Music’: Technology and Aesthetics”) and a Master’s Degree (MA) in Sonic Arts from the same University (Rome, 2016; technical dissertation on recording classical music, 110/110 cum laude) that, along years of practice, has widely reinforced my previous technical studies and knowledges.

Ever since I have also worked as an independent Sound Engineer and Producer on different types of projects along composers, musicians and bands helping them realise their creative ideas both technically and artistically, eventually developing my own skills (mic placement, recording and mixing techniques, music production, beat making, sound design) further. Since 2014 I’ve also been specialising in recording and mixing acoustic (classical/baroque/jazz) ensembles, and I greatly enjoy taking part in these sessions. I am an Avid certified Pro Tools user, but I mainly utilise Steinberg’s Cubase Pro.

As a musician I have written music and sounds for my bands (BRN#FRKSHW, industrial/metal, and Electric Sarajevo, electronic/post-rock) and for some local acts back home in Rome. I also write music and sounds for various personal projects (music, sound art, audio/video projects). My instruments of choice are guitar and synths.

I am passionate about electronic, experimental and contemporary music, and also about contemporary arts, photography, travelling and swimming.

Feel free to contact me for any further information.